Privacy & Personal data

Snacc strives to protect your privacy and will never share your e-mail address or other personal data with third parties, unless absolutely necessary for the execution of its service as defined by the terms or when we have the legal obligation to do so. In case there is any suspicion of illegal activity, fraud or other felonies, we can and will pass on personal data to the local authorities.

We hold privacy in high regard, thus all data entered into our system is treated with utmost care and confidentiality so it may not be misused by any third parties. We treat your personal data with the utmost confidentiality.

Personal data entered by you is processed for the following purposes:

  • For the execution of the agreement, e.g. when managing your account to connect you to other profiles of users on Snacc.

  • To send you an invoice whenever you have purchased a service or product from us. Your payment data will not be saved on our servers.

  • To update you on our products and services.

  • To send you newsletters, user information, service messages, or any other (digital) message.

  • To comply to law and regulations that are applicable to Snacc.

  • Your personal data can be anonymized and used for analytical purposes. These data are not tracable to any individual user, but are related to user information such as, the ratio of men/women on the site, the age group of the users, et cetera. This information allows us to improve our services and adapt to the wishes of the users.

Your personal information may be shared in the following ways:

  • With other users and visitors
    Other users and visitors may view the information on your profile. So be careful with your personal data and ensure that everything you put on your profile will not cause any problems when displayed in public.

  • With our service providers and partners
    We make use of third parties to help with the improvement and execution of our services. These third parties help us with a multitude of tasks, such as hosting and maintenance of data, analytics, payment processing and security.

  • Whenever required by law
    We can hand over your personal information to local authorities when required by law: (I) to comply with a legal procedure, such as a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or other legal requirements; (II) to help with the prevention or to track criminal activity; (III) to protect the safety of a person.

  • With your permission or on your request
    We may ask for your permission to share your information with third parties. In these cases, we will make it clear for which purpose this information is shared.

What user data do we process?

  • Personal data during the registration of a user account:
    During the registration of a user account, we will ask for an e-mail address, which is necessary to activate and verify the account. We will also log the IP-address linked to the account. For extra services such as invoicing and payment processing, we may ask for the name, address, phone number and other banking details of the accountholder.

  • Personal data during the creation of a profiles:
    During the creation of a profile we may receive certain data from the user. We will only save the data directly entered by the user in the context of the requested service, or whenever it is clear they were shared to us for further processing of this data.

We make the utmost effort to deny users (and accompanying profiles) access to Snacc whenever they are underage, under coercion, abused, are a victim of human trafficking or are in any way subjected to physical and sexual abuse.

That is why we will make the effort (within reason) to verify the age of the users on this website. We are unable to do so at registration due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), hence we will request users, when in doubt, to verify themselves, by uploading a photo of themselves with an official form of identification. We advise users to render any inessential data (such as their social security number or nationality) illegible. We will attempt to verify the user after reviewing this photo.

We are bound by the regulations of the GDPR in regard to age verification, thus we will not save any photos of passports or any other official forms of identification. We will, after reviewing these documents, only save the name, age and ID number, so we will be able to prove the user is of age. We will also save a cropped photo of the user's face to verify the ID of any uploaded pictures.

Snacc reserves the right to update its privacy statement from time to time to conform with lawful and other developments. You are advised to review this privacy statement regularly to keep up to date with its changes.

Analytics & Cookies

This website will place a number of functional cookies. One of which is Google, as part of our "Analytics"-service. We use this service to keep track of the behaviour of our visitors. Google may share this information with third parties whenever Google is legaly obliged to do so, or whenever they rely on the service of these third parties.

A cookie is a small textfile that is placed on the user's device by an online service (such as Snacc). Cookies may collect information about user behaviour in regard to the use of the website, by collecting and mapping out user activity.

Snacc makes use of cookies to improve the user experience and to collect data with which we can improve our services. It is not possible for us to identify any individual through the use of the generated cookies when browsing our websites.