Are you 18+ and looking for a date or some entertainment?

This is the place for you! Snacc is for everyone looking to have a good time in any way, shape or form. We will help you find a date that matches your preferences!

On Snacc, you can choose to stay anonymous and out of the public eye. Whenever you create your profile, you may be matched with other users that share the same interests and preferences as you. It's up to you to make contact or whether you want to set your profile to public. Using the one-on-one Snacc-chat, it's possible to safely make contact with other profiles without having to share your contact information.

Or public?
Of course you can also opt to make your profile visible publicly. Your profile can be viewed thousands of times a day by all the visitors on Snacc. We also offer the possiblity to Boost your profile for extra exposure whenever you want to find a date now.

Limitless possiblities!
So the choice is yours, and Snacc is here for you! Whether you are looking for an adventure, passion, an affaire, a new love interest, a paydate, an exciting evening or a (private) party.

100% safe, anonymous, confidential
We guarantee your privacy and anonymity with a private profile.

Quickly make contact by chat or by phone.

Verified Profiles
The age and authenticity of these profiles are checked by us!

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Who we are
We started out in the 90s, creating magazines such as the Tuk, Sexteen, Ami and another 36 specialized pornmagazines. Through us, numerous Dutch pornstars found their fame, such as Denise of the pin-up club, Helen Duval, Wendy Somer and Kim Holland.

In 1999 we founded the first internet sex marketplace in the Netherlands; De Geile Gids. This became in 2002. turned into the biggest, most famous marketplace in the Netherlands for the exchange of sexual services. We poured our hearts and souls into Sexjobs for 15 years. In 2017, we retired as we thought it was time for a new era.

Fast and easy
Sitting at home was not our cup of tea. We saw technology improving around us, and the prevelance of smartphones was making everyone's lives easier and faster. That is why we started Snacc. Our goal is to make dating fast and easy for you!

Open community
We wanted to create an honest and open community for everyone to feel safe at. We don't view social media as a "competing" platform, but rather as a complement to our platform: a way to broaden your network and make contact with others.

Free service
This website, and the use of this website is free! You can boost your profile for a reasonable and fair price. Snacc should be fun and accessible to all!

Safety, privacy and confidentiality
Last but not least; we think everyone should be able to find a date safely and confidentially. We guarantee the privacy of our users and treat all data with confidentiality. It is neither ours, nor the governments bussiness about who you are, where you live, what you like and who you date.

The things Snacc offers

  • Free registration and use of the website

  • Easy and fast to use

  • (Anonymous) matching to users with the same preferences

  • Complete control, block users you don't like

  • Find the perfect date with our enhanced filters and save them to your favorites

  • Fast and direct contact through the Snacc chat

  • Help from our customer service

  • Complete privacy and confidentiality

Finally: let us know what is important to you! Whether you are independent, or a bussiness owner; your needs are a priority to us. How can we help you achieve your goal? Do you have an idea? Want to collaborate? Help us moderate? We listen to you. We're ready for you so send us a message on the contact page.